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Financial Literacy

“The measure of financial literacy nationwide, and in Georgia where BenefitsTree is based, has steadily declined over recent years.1 Financial literacy and financial wellness go hand in hand. Changing this direction takes a long term commitment by those dedicated to the mission of making a difference in the lives of others.” - Nancy Riedel, Founder, BenefitsTree LLC

Study participants were asked five questions covering aspects of economics and finance encountered in everyday life, such as compound interest, inflation, principles relating to risk and diversification, the relationship between bond prices and interest rates, and the impact that a shorter term can have on total interest payments over the life of a mortgage.

Individuals need at least a fundamental level of financial knowledge. This knowledge, paired with financial decision-making skills, can best ensure an individual’s financial capability.

Source: Financial Capability in the United States 2016, FINRA Investor Education Foundation

Financial Literacy Crisis

Imagine driving a car without a basic understanding of the rules of the road, or even how to operate it. Scary thought. Yet many Americans are operating their personal finances with only the barest minimum of knowledge.

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1 S&P Global FinLit Survey 2015