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Centsables Website Family

Six animated superheroes explain the basics of money management through mini-lessons and fun activities.

The site includes:

  • Kid-centric lessons on saving, spending, sharing, investing, protecting and more 
  • Interactive tools and downloadable worksheets 
  • Puzzles, games, mazes, word searches and coloring pages 
  • Centsables comic books
  • All 13 episodes of the Centsables TV series

Practical information on money matters, plus need-to-know insights into preparing for college, career and life beyond.

The site includes:

  • Tips on earning money, buying a first car, affording higher education, and handling credit 
  • Step-by-step instructions on getting into college
  • Entering the post high-school work force 
  • Links to work-study programs internships, financial aid and scholarship information

Packed with pointers for those just starting their career path as well as established families.

The site includes:

  • The home mortgage process, controlling debt, affording tuition, building good credit, budgeting, and preparing for retirement
  • Links to government sites, credit companies and other resources
  • Downloadable forms, worksheets and interactive tools