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About Us

This is our story –

Have you wondered about the purpose of the tree … or the bear?  Well, the answer begins with an end.  That is, the end of a long corporate career and the search for a true north.  “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

I was not unlike many who have been at the same cross roads.  Fortunately, the “rock” who kept me grounded for much of my life was there to listen, support, encourage, help me find strength of purpose and provide the required “push” when needed.  Out of this introspective journey came BenefitsTree and its purpose.

The name, along with the adopted symbols, points to our aspiration.

Benefits meaning:  

  • A helpful or good effect

  • Something intended to help or be of service

  • To be in a state of wellbeing, advantage, or comfort

Tree symbolism:  

  • The knowledge tree is strong and enduring

  • It has deep roots of history and knowledge

  • Its roots nourish inquisitive minds to flourish and grow like its canopy

  • Knowledge seekers climb up the ladder, guided one step at a time

Wella the Bear symbolism:  

  • Emblematic of strong grounding forces, strength, and courage

  • Inspiring to those who need the courage and confidence to stand up against adversity

  • Stand for your beliefs or your truth

  • Take action and leadership … in your life or in other people’s lives

We … and Wella! … are your coach and guide; encouraging you to take action for your own wellbeing and climb the knowledge tree with purpose.

We hope you found your “WIFM” (What’s In It For Me?) connection.

  and Wella