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Chief Inspiration Leader

The Story of Wella

Folks around here say Wella has lived in the glade forever, tending to her beloved tree. While no one knows for certain how long she has been here, this much is true- Wella created this wonderful place through her devotion to her tree. You see, Wella has been tending to her splendid tree since it first poked its shoot through the soil. She believed that if she took proper care of her tree, one day the tree would take care of her and everyone she loved. Wella maintained her devotion to her tree, season after season- through the best of times and the worst of times - oh, remember that terrible winter storm!

As the years passed, that little sprout became a strapping young tree with solid roots, a stout trunk and beautiful leaves that changed colors with the seasons. Then one day something wonderful happened. The tree began to bare fruit: lots and lots of fruit. The fruit attracted butterflies and then bees took up residence in the tree and began to produce honey.

Today, Wella and her tree take care of everyone who lives in the glade. It turns out she was right, the tree that she took care of all these years now takes care of everyone she loves.

It is truly a BenefitsTree!